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Tuesday, April 04, 2006


  • Cisco has TFTP server software that can be run on a computer.
  • Three places a router can look for a valid Cisco IOS - Flash, TFTP Server or ROM.
  • To copy the current config to a TFTP server type “copy running-config tftp”. To load a copy type “copy tftp run”.

  • Show memory is used to see how the system allocates memory for different purposes.
  • Show stacks monitors the stack use and if the reboot was the result of a system crash, and displays the last system reboot.
  • Show Buffers reveals the size of the buffers (S, M, Big, VeryBig, L, and Huge)
  • Show Flash describes the flash memory and the size of files and how much memory is free.
  • Cisco Discovery Protocol (CDP) – allows you access to configuration information on other routers with a single command. Running Subnetwork Access Protocol (SNAP) at the Data Link layer, two devices running different Network Layer protocols can still communicate. CDP runs by default on 10.3 versions and earlier. Once a router is found, it can display information about the upper-layer protocols. Find by typing “sh cdp int” will show interfaces configured to run CDP.

Telnet is a virtual terminal protocol.

  • “sh hosts” will show all the names of routers that your router knows about, assuming DNS is running on router or on a server. Router as a DNS server, use “ip domain-lookup, and “ip name-server ip_address”

You just received an output that states the CDP hold time, hardware, port ID, and local interface. What was the command you typed in?

“Show cdp neighbor” will show the hardware platform (Cisco 2500) the local interface the routers are connected through, the hold time, the port id of the remote router and the device id and its capability.

What’s the default CDP hold time in seconds?

180 - 3 times the default broadcast frequency, which is 60 seconds

What's the default CDP update broadcast rate for routers in seconds?

60 seconds. Changed with the cdp timer command.

What type of frame does CDP use to gather information about its directly connected neighbors?

CDP uses SNAP by default.

Which command do you type to view the hostnames configured in your router (choose two)?

Show hosts or sh host will show the ip host table configured on the router.

How can you view the CDP information received from all routers?

Show cdp entry or sh cdp entry * will show you entries of CDP information received from the neighbor routers.

If you want to type in the hostname Bob instead of the IP address to access the remote router named Bob, what should you do?

“config t, ip host bob”.

If you type “copy tftp flash”, which event did you cause?

Copied a file from TFTP server to router flash. The router will look to a TFTP host for a valid Cisco IOS to copy into EEPROM, or Flash.

If you want to load a new Cisco IOS into your router's memory, which command should you use?

“copy tftp flash” tells the router to look to a TFTP server.

What does it mean if you’re running a trace and receive a “P” as a response?

Protocol unreachable

If you want to configure the router configuration stored in NVRAM, which command should you use?

“config mem” copies the startup-config into running-config.

Which command will load the Cisco router configuration into RAM (choose three)?

To reload the router, type “Reload” or “copy startup-config running-config”, or ”copy tftp running-config”.

What command will copy your router configuration to a TFTP server?

“copy star tftp” or “copy runn tftp”

What command should you use to have your router load the valid Cisco IOS from a TFTP server?

“boot system tftp

Which command will you use if you want to disable DNS lookup?

“no ip domain-lookup” will disable DNS.

Which command do you use to configure your router to do a domain-lookup?

IP name-server

After telneting into multiple routers simultaneously, what command can you type to see these connections?

“sh sessions” will show all that are open.

kNOW the password recovery processes for both 25xx and 26xx router


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