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Tuesday, March 28, 2006



Integrated Services Digital Network

Terminal equipment types:

TE1: understands ISDN

TE2: predates ISDN and needs a TA (terminal adapter) to work

ISDN reference points:

R: between non-isdn device and TA

S: between terminal and NT2 device

T: point between NT1 and NT2

U: point between NT1 and carrier line termination device

ISDN protocol codes:

E: existing telephone network

I: concepts, terms, and services

Q: switching and signaling

ISDN service levels:

Connect to lines with SPIDs (service Profile Identfiers) (phone numbers..)

BRI: Basic Rate Interface: 2B + 1D

B = 64kbs, D=16Kbps = 128kbs plus control

PRI: Primary Rate Interface: 23B + 1D

Total of 1.544Mbps

Configuring ISDN BRI

#isdn switch-type ?

tons of proprietary switch types


typicaly bri0, or something like that.

#encap ppp

ppp is method used to setup isdn phone calls

#isdn spid1

#isdn spid2


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