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Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Frame Relay

Shared Bandwidth

Can setup a CIR (Committed Information Rate)

Assumed error-checking is handled at another, higher, layer

PVCs are created at layer 2.

DLCIs: Data-link connection Identifiers : are used to identify virtual circuit connections.

DLCI address are assigned by the provider and then mapped to IP addresses by the router

LMI: Local management Interface

These are autodetected in current IOS versions….. however:

Keyword Meaning

Cisco: defined by industry group, and default

ANSI: Annex D defined by T1.617

Q933a: Defined by ITU-T Annex A Q.933A

LMI can be used to determine the global significance of the DLCI numbers.

Setup of Frame Relay on Cisco


#encapsulation frame-relay [ietf, or default is cisco]

use default to talk to other cisco routers, use ietf encapsulation to talk to non-cisco.

#frame-relay interface-dlci

to map dlci number to current interface, or subinterface

Then specify an IP address for that subinterface

Optionally you can hard-code the address on the other end.

#encap frame-relay [ietf]

#no inverse-arp

turns off auto addressing features

#ip address

#frame-relay map ip

[cisco] [broadcast]

this lets you mix encap types, and allow broadcast over interface

Monitoring Frame Relay

#show frame ?

ip ip statistics

lmi lmi stats

map map table

pvc pvc stats – this one displays the DLCI #

route route info

traffic protocol stats